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Don't Overlook your Car's Belts & Hoses

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. It’s easy to neglect your belts and hoses when it comes to maintenance—out of sight, out of mind—but they are some of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. It’s important to make sure these parts are in good condition to ensure your vehicle is functioning properly. Waiting too long to have your belts and hoses serviced can lead to major damage that could have easily been avoided.

Over time, your belts and hoses can weaken, crack, or break causing potentially dangerous problems for your car. Two of the most important belts are the serpentine belt and the timing belt. The serpentine belt drives all of the engine components, so if it loosens or breaks, then many other important components of your vehicle will fail. This includes your alternator, power steering system, and engine cooling system. If the timing belt breaks, it can cause severe damage to your engine that can be costly to repair.

Your vehicle’s hoses move coolant fluid from your radiator to your engine and return the overheated fluids back to the radiator and so on; they are primarily responsible for making sure your car doesn’t overheat. A leaking or damaged hose can lower the effectiveness of the process and cause your engine to run hot which will lead to costly damage if ignored.

An annual inspection by the trained professionals at Quail Corners Auto Care will help catch any damage before it can cause any major problems. Neglecting to have your belts and hoses checked on a regular basis can be catastrophic for your vehicle. Here are some signs that it’s time to have your belts and hoses checked or replaced:

  • Rough sounds coming from your engine
  • Rough idle
  • Pinging or knocking sounds while accelerating or turning the ignition off
  • Squeaking, screeching, or chirping sounds
  • Slapping sound from motor compartment
  • Leaking fluids
  • Inflexible or hard hoses
  • Inflated or bulging hoses, etc
  • Cracks

If you notice any of these issues or simply feel that something isn’t right, contact us as soon as possible to have your belts and hoses checked by a professional. Our auto experts can perform a comprehensive inspection, determine any issues, and make sure your vehicle is running as smoothly as possible.

Contacting Quail Corners Auto Care at the first sign of an issue can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Our mechanics are ASE certified and take pride in providing Raleigh with the best automotive service possible, and you can always trust us to get the job done right. We’re highly trained to identify any potential problems, and we carry high quality replacement parts that you can rely on. We can replace any belts or hoses that are worn down before they break, and we will always make sure everything is properly installed to ensure that all components of your vehicle are working together efficiently.

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